Brexit threatens arts funding – Ní Riada

Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada has raised concerns for the future of Creative Europe funding for artists and producers post-Brexit.

The Ireland South MEP, who sits on the Culture and Education Committee, raised her concerns with the European Commission today during a debate on the mid-term evaluation of the Creative Europe programme, warning Brexit would have a particular effect on Irish creative arts.

“The effects of Brexit, particularly when it comes to Ireland, are going to seep into every imaginable avenue of life and governance, so I find it deeply worrying that when it comes to issues like the arts we are not preparing for it,” she said.

“For example, the application process for Creative Europe is already competitive enough and Brexit will see an added difficulty for applicants, particularly Irish applicants, drawing down funding.

“In Ireland, so many of our creative projects, particularly within our burgeoning film industry, are made on a cross-border basis. Indeed many of our bigger projects simply would not be possible without an all Ireland approach.

“Irish applications will be at a massive disadvantage as we simply don’t know how north/south projects will work, if they will even be eligible and I find it astounding that not only do we not have a plan for this, we aren’t even talking about it.

“This committee could start to provide some support and clarity for these productions by simplifying the needlessly complicated application process and beginning to examine how the programme will operate post-March next year, particularly for Irish applicants.

“We need to clarify how it is going to operate in terms of drawing down money for these co-productions. We need legal clarity on this now, as it is goes right across a number of sectors, from performing arts, to audio visual and everything in between.”

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