Brexiteer delusion is staggering – Ní Riada

Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada has said Brexiteers are deluded if they think there is another deal on offer.

The Ireland South MEP was speaking following a crushing defeat for Theresa May’s Brexit deal in the English parliament.

“All morning long in response to the vote in Westminster I have been listening to Tory MPs on television and radio talk about how they need a better deal,” she said.

“They are throwing around terms like a ‘Norway Plus’ deal or a ‘Super Canada’ deal.

“This is utter fantasy. These deals do not exist and are not applicable to our situation.

“We are 10 weeks out from Brexit and British MPs are amusing themselves by chasing unicorns.

“The hubris and arrogance they are displaying, the sheer contempt the have for the ordinary person is staggering.

“Businesses cant plan for the future, agriculture and fisheries are facing devastation, the entire Irish nation waits to see if it is to be carved up again and it’s economy damaged and all the while these deluded Brexiteers are indulging in daydreams about magical deals where they leave the EU and then the EU gives them a better deal than its own member states.

“Meanwhile, the DUP can barely contain their glee as we lurch closer and closer to a no deal Brexit.

“It is now more incumbent than ever on the Irish Government to defend the backstop. They must hold Europe to their word on it.

“Furthermore contingencies must now be put in place for a no deal exit, including strategies on defending the Peace Process, ensuring there is no hardening of the border and providing for a referendum on Irish reunification.

“Anything less is recklessness verging on dereliction.”

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