‘Gay purge’ in Chechnya must be challenged

Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada has written to European Parliament President Antoni Tajani regarding reports of a resurgence of attacks and abductions of LGBT+ people in Chechnya.

The Ireland South MEP said she has asked President Tajani to highlight the issue and set out what options the European Parliament has for responding.
“We have all heard the horrifying reports of an upsurge in state-sponsored anti-gay violence in Chechnya,” she said.
“At least 40 people are said to have been abducted and subject to torture with two dying while in detention.
“Worryingly, those arrested are being held in the same facility several people were killed in during another purge of gay people in 2017 when over 100 people were abducted.
“This is an ongoing and appalling violation of human rights. As a body committed to upholding people’s rights it is absolutely incumbent on this parliament to acknowledge the horrors being carried out and to do what it can to support those who find themselves persecuted.
“I have written to President Tajani asking him to highlight the issue and to lay out to the Parliament what options are before it.
“It is not enough for those of us in countries who have only recently done away with homophobic laws and restrictions to pat ourselves on the back.
“Homophobia, like injustice, bigotry and racism, must be challenged everywhere it exists. While even one person remains oppressed, none of us are free.”

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