Ireland must act and expel Israeli ambassador – Ní Riada 

Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada has said the international community must act in response to today’s slaughter in Gaza.

The Ireland South MEP was speaking as more than 50 protesters were murdered by Israeli forces in Palestine as they protested the opening of a new American Embassy in Jerusalem.

“Like everyone else I have watched in horror today as the number of dead and injured in Palestine has continued to rise,” she said.

“As it stands, more than 50 people have been murdered and thousands injured by Israeli forces but with Israel now engaging in air strikes as well as firing on protesters there is no guarantee that number won’t continue to rise.

“The world is watching wholesale slaughter happen right in front of us and the silence from the international community is deafening.

“Ireland, the EU and the international community need to respond to the massacre that is happening as we speak but more importantly they need to act and be seen to act.

“If we are to stand by while this happens then all our talk of peace, justice and equality, whether it comes from our own government or from the EU is just so much empty rhetoric.

“Today’s massacre has not only undermined attempts at peace but has exposed just how interested in a peaceful settlement the current Israeli regime actually is.

“The international community must act. In Ireland we can prove our commitment to peace and equality by leading the way and expelling the Israeli ambassador.”

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