Ní Riada calls for ‘active citizenship’

Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada has hailed the work of volunteers and community activists throughout Ireland.

The Ireland South MEP was speaking in recognition of International Volunteer Day and encouraged those interested in volunteering to take the next step and help out some very worthwhile organisations.
“International Volunteer Day is a fantastic opportunity for volunteer organisations and individual volunteers to highlight their contributions to our communities,” she said.

“Volunteering gives our citizens the opportunity to contribute to society in many different forms.

“An active citizenship is proof of an engaged and vibrant society. I congratulate those that partake in volunteerism and acknowledge that they are the unsung heroes in so many ways.

“From tidy towns, to support groups for the elderly, the sick and disabled. In many instances, it is only volunteers that take a stand to address issues like social exclusion in order to benefit their communities. I applaud those in our communities who those less well-off.

“Frankly there are sectors, such as home care, where the state relies entirely too heavily on volunteers.  It’s estimated that every year volunteers save the state at least €2 billion in providing services it either cant or won’t while the value of the services volunteers provide to the people who need them is simply priceless.

“I am sure we have many people out there that wish to engage more actively and perhaps volunteer in our communities but are unsure how to get involved. I would ask people to look at the work that volunteers are doing around you, go and speak to organisations in your area who are seeking volunteers and match your skills and more importantly your passions and interests to your choice.

“Your communities need you. Go and be an active citizen.”

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