Ní Riada congratulates Sami Blood on Lux Prize

Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada has congratulated filmmaker Amanda Kernell on her coming-of-age tale, Sami Blood.

The Ireland South MEP offered her congratulations to Ms.Kernell and the team behind the film after it picked up the prestige’s Lux Prize in Strasbourg this week.

“Awards such as this are great publicity for our smaller and independent film-makers as it opens them up to a European wide audience,” she said.

“I would like to congratulate Amanda Kernell and all those involved in the making of this really delightful film.”


Sami Blood was one of three finalists, the other two were BPM (Beats Per Minute) by Robin Campillo and Western by Valeska Grisebach


“The three finalists this year were excellent examples of top quality story telling at its best.

“They each tackled themes that we face every day and as a member of the European Parliament, and in particular as a member of the Culture committee, I am proud of and impressed by all three films.


“The LUX Prize aims to promote the European film industry, which represents a large sector of the economy and is a blossoming industry in Ireland.

“The prize promotes films in many different languages and as the film industry is dominated by the English language it is of huge importance we have a prize such as this, especially because of the high quality of the work that is being done by our indigenous producers.


“It is fundamental, that we in Ireland and in Europe not only protect our independents producers and artists, but we invest in them and offer them all the assistance they need to thrive.

“In Ireland we are known the world over for our story telling ability and I think it is of huge importance that we not only promote this for the sake of our own unique identity but we should harness the economic potential of our indigenous film and artists as well.”

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