Timeline needed to ensure justice for survivors – Ní Riada

Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada has called for a timeline to be set for a Dáil motion seeking redress for victims of child sex abuse in state-schools.

The Ireland South MEP said she was delighted the motion had passed but that the Government must now act to set a timeline for when compensation would be made.

Last year Ms Ní Riada brought a delegation of survivors from the group to Europe so they could explain their case to the EU.

“Firstly, I am delighted that this motion has passed, even though, disgracefully, Fine Gael still couldn’t bring themselves to support it,” she said.

“Last year I had the privilege of bringing a delegation of VOCADS members to Brussels to tell their story in Europe. Though the harrowing accounts of their abuse marked everyone they met that day, the main impression they left on people was the dignified determination they displayed to no longer be silenced and to have justice, despite the Government throwing obstacles in their way at every turn. Regrettably, no Fine Gael MEPs attended the event.

“While this decision is a wonderful victory for the VOCADS (Victims of Child Abuse in Day Schools) group it will mean nothing if the Government does not set a timeline for acting on it.

“We all saw how the Government dragged their feet following the outcome of Louise O’Keefe’s case and that cannot be allowed to happen again. The members of VOCADS have already waited far too long, the government must act swiftly to finally acknowledge the wrong that was done while the state stood by.

“I would urge the Government to reflect on the overwhelming majority of today’s vote, to listen to the survivors, not only about the horrific crimes inflicted on them but on the struggle they then endured just to be heard by the state and to bear in mind that justice delayed is justice denied.”

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