Blog: Choose a strong, progressive and competent voice for Carlow and Kilkenny

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Kathleen is already an excellent representative for the people of Carlow and Kilkenny. I am urging the voters of Carlow and Kilkenny to make sure that she can bring her strong, progressive and competent voice to the National Stage.  Kathleen is talented, experienced and ready to provide real representation for the people of Carlow and Kilkenny. To do this she needs your vote. Vote Kathleen Funchion #1.

Blog: An appeal to undecided voters

Mental HealthA chara,

I want to make a special appeal to those who are undecided in how they will vote in Friday’s Marriage referendum and to those who out of fear or worry are veering towards voting against the amendment.

On Friday you will have the opportunity to vote in a secret ballot. How you choose to vote will have a huge impact on loving couples all across Ireland. Your vote can bring so much joy to these couples, and to loving couples for generations to come. It will also send a strong message to gay people, young and old. Níos Mó | More

Blog: Thursday 7th May

Busy few weeks as always.  Here I was  thinking that things were kind of  winding down and work flow easing when I realised that almost a full year has now passed since the European and local elections.  I can tell you that a year has never flown by so fast…

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